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SoundFjord clocked up its first decade on 31 July 2020.

A huge congratulations to all those who have made this organisms a living thriving being over the years.

If you are able to support our future, please consider a small donation - time, expertise, funds.

Auraldiversities II ran from 13 November 2020 - to 10 June 2021 as six day-long sessions addressing the auraldiverse turn in the arts and humanities. 

Sessions explored three research themes: Listening in the Present Tense, Expanded Listening: Multiphyla-listening/Altered States, and Future Listening.

Sessions were curated by John Drever (Goldsmiths), Alice Eldridge (Uni of Sussex) and Helen Frosi (SoundFjord). 

Sessions are funded by CHASE (Cohort Development Fund).

Sessions featured presentations, interactive activities, meditations, screenings and shared listenings with: 

Amina Abbas-Nazari . Ximena Alarcon . Heidi Appel & Rex Cocroft . Elena Biserna . Ansuman Biswas . Kate Carr, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay . Cecile Chevalier & Chris Kiefer . Noe Cuellar .  Alex De Little and collaborators . Milena Droumeva . Shirley Djukurn√£ Krenak & Nathaniel Mann (live translation: Thiago Jesus) . Sasha Engelmann . Ella Finer with Yorgos Samantas and Urok Shirhan . Charlie Fox . Cliff Hammett . AM Kanngieser . Debbie Kent . Natasha Mhatre . Ingrid Plum . Dawn Scarfe and Lisa Schonberg

External link for event info on Listening in the Present Tense . External link for event info on Expanded Listening . External link for event info on Future Listening

We hope to share news of future sessions in the very near future.

Desire Lines will return with a new series of DIY sensory wanders.


After a wee break, Longplayer Day is also set to return in June 2022. 

Our EnCOUnTErs project - interspecies ecounters, ecology and the sonic imagination - is funded! 

We will be roaring-to-go from summer 2022. 

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