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There are no current calls. Please watch this space for further opportunities.

P A S T   O P P O R T U N I T I E S

Deadline - 30.04.2010: Sonic Exquisite Corpse project. SoundFjord is seeking 50 international artists to participate in collaboration,using the five senses as inspiration


Deadline: 25.o5.2010: SoundFjord is seeking works for its Sound Art Jukebox set to be plugged during the open day on the 29 May 2010.

As you know the SoundFjord Team are opening our doors to you - to answer questions and allow you to acquaint yourself with the space. Then we considered how beautiful it would be to have some works to listen too whilst like-mined folk take a look at the space.

Send us wav or aiff files. We are open to consider diverse works - from radio pieces, minimalism, noise, process based work, performance poetry, soundscapes, to phonography.

Deadline: 20.06.2010: D r a g o n f l y   M u l t i – A r t s   F e s t i v a l ,   S w e d e n
SoundFjord is seeking sonic art works to present at the Dragonfly Festival near Gothenburg, Sweden   this coming August. The works will be shown within the sanctity of a grass-covered hut alongside the lake that lies within the grounds of the festival - a bronze-age settlement/open air museum. The festival runs  for three days and features music, visual art, a cinema tent, performance, DJs, canoeing, organic food and souvenirs to purchase.
The festival is a novel and exciting enterprise organised by The Hollow Egg, a multi-nationality, creative group that features musicians and jewellers among other creatives.

The call for works stretches to 20.06.2010. We require sound-only, 2-4 channel works with a duration of no longer than 10 minutes. There are no other restrictions to the material or its content. 

Please contact us for further information and let us know if you wish to participate A.S.A.P:  info[at]soundfjord[dot]org[dot]uk

Deadline: 29 Oct 2010: S o u n d   C i n e m a   S c r e e n i n g s
SoundFjord is programming films/AV work for a 'sound season' screening, March 2011. We are interested in the following genres:
films with seminal scores/use of silence
silent films given a new score
AV work experimenting in sound/vision
films on sound, sound art, noise, etc.
documentaries on artists working in sound/experimental music
science documentaries on sound/perception
ethnographic films highlighting different kinds of music/listening
Please drop us a line if you have work, and even better, send us links/examples of your works: info[at]soundfjord[dot]org[dot]uk
Deadline: 14 Jan 2011: S i l e n c e
We are currently judging applications.

Inspired by Silence itself, the concept of the Raum der Stille1 (Room of Silence), Berlin, and Dan Warburton's2 opposing notion of silence's ability to offend, as well as many other theorists ideas on the power and subtlety of silence, SoundFjord is currently gathering 'works of silence' for inclusion in an exhibition/curated live show in 2011/2012

With the dichotomies of peace and affront at the forefront of our mind, SoundFjord seeks:
1.) Works created about and around the concept of silence e.g documentary/concept works
2.) Works of silence e.g. deleted tapes, fields recordings
3.) Works recorded during a silence (either stipulated or impromptu) e.g field recording
4.) Inaudible/soundless works e.g infrasound/ultrasound works, etc.

1 Raum der Stille was itself inspired by the meditation room in the UN building in New York. The Swedish General Secretary of the UN, Dag Hammarskjöld, who was killed in an accident in 1961, set it up for his colleagues and himself. The Berlin Room of Silence was opened in 1994 in the northern gate house of the Brandenburger Tor. It was prompted by calls from the East Berlin peace movement and taken up by people of different religions and cultural backgrounds. The Brandenburger Tor, which is the weighty symbolic emblem of the city, is a bottleneck for traffic and a magnet for tourists. It has won an unexpected counterpart in the Raum der Stille, where the noise of the city is filtered and muffled. From the visitors’ books, one learns that there is overwhelming approval of this room. Each person endows it with individual purpose and meaning, yet there seems to be an unspoken agreement that silence and peace are dependent on each other.

2 The words of Dan Warburton: “Noise may have lost it's power to offend. Silence hasn't”

Email us with a statement about your work, a photograph of the work should it be installation, a short biography of your work/practice and your contact details to: info[at] stating Silence in the subject box. Works should be send via transfer using, or similar.
R e / S o u n d   C i n e m a
Deadline: 25 Feb 2011

SoundFjord is interested in working with sound artists to create alternative scores for out of copyright/public domain films. We are particularly interested in artists who have already create or performed music to silent movies. Please drop us a line if you have work, and even better, send us examples of your works: info[at]soundfjord[dot]org[dot]uk

SoundFjord is urgently seeking sound works for a curated evening of sound (Museums at Nights) in May.

We are interested in works that discuss 'The Sublimated Landscape': the saturation of the sonic (and visual field), as well as sonic works that consider 'Sonic Topology' - works that are dense, layered, feature reiteration and works that construct or reconfigure space.

Please send your STEREO WAV/AIFF files or AV work (HD where possible) with a biog for the artist and paragraph about the work (include title and duration) to info[at] ASAP. Files and DVDs will be accepted until 6th May 2011. Please send to the address below:

SoundFjord.Unit 3b - Studio 28.28 Lawrence Road.London.N15 4ER.United Kingdom.


Please see our mailing list or blog for further details and opportunities.


Are you making your own visual/graphic scores or interpreting known ones? Do you know of interesting visual score(r)s?

We're currently researching in order to curate a SoundFjord night around the 'visual score' for London gallery, Galerie8's Sound Waves series this coming August. If you have anything to share, do contact us with details, images/sounds and weblinks: helen[at]



Photo: image by Laurence Moxon Byrne, Tottenham, 07 August 2011 (detail). 


A Silent Swaying Breath: A Public Record | Various artists - produced by Spheruleus & Pleq.

SoundFjord, Audio Gourmet's Harry Towell (Spheruleus) and Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq) have come together to curate an album created "by the people for the people", to raise funds for those that has been affected by the recent unrest that ravaged cities across the country.

The album, a statement and a monument to collaboration and community, brings together works selected from 1-minute, unedited recordings gleaned from artists, musicians and the general public across the globe. Spheruleus and Pleq sensitively weave together an eclectic selection of field recordings, samples, spoken word pieces and instrumentation, creating for the listener momentous emotional landscapes, delicate, tender moments and most of all, a yearning tumult of haunting quietude: a silent, swaying breath.

All profits raised by sales of this album assisting those that have lost their homes and livelihoods and to help provide opportunities for philanthropy, creative expression and collaboration within local community projects

Open Call:

We are currently gathering sounds and samples until 05 September 2011. We are interested in receiving unedited recordings (not finished works). The most appropriate recordings will be process and assembled into an album. For further info on how to participate, please download our info sheet here: A Silent Swaying Breath Brief

Due for release on Audio Gourmet: October 2011 | Donations: £3.99+

Listen to preview one and two of the album as we have it here.


C a l l   f o r   S c o r e s
SoundFjord is currently seeking original alternative scores to be created/played at a benefit concert in association with Apiary Studios | Deadline: 25 September 2011 | Download call here.  

Untuned Piano Project

Open call | Project extended until 29th November

SoundFjord has had the good fortune to come into the possession of an upright piano – a C. Bustard (from Collard and Collard, London) – that has been in the Lewis family for around 100 years. The piano has recently been restrung, but has not been tuned.

Matthew Lewis, the current owner, had kindly loaned us the instrument until the end of the year. We are excited to have the piano available for use at the gallery, Monday–Friday, from 07 - 25 November 2011.

Whilst we have the piano we encourage interested parties to utilise the piano – and its untuned nature – in imaginative ways. We only stipulate that the piano must not be damaged.

Artists may book time with the piano, from one hour up to one week (Monday to Friday). We do not charge for this opportunity.

If you would like to make use of the piano (for research, recording or performance) please sent us an application detailing how you wish to use the piano and when you would like to use the piano. Information on your practice would also be useful.

Send your contact details including your email address and a phone number as well as your application to: applications[@]

For further information contact: info[@]

DEADLINE: 07 November 2011

N.B We still have 28th November free. Contact us for further information.


We are currently looking for a number of written pieces to contextualise a group show that Yann Novak, France Jobin and I are curating at Oboro in Montréal in March 2012.

The exhibition is named "Sublimation" and is an immersive exhibition featuring audio-visual works from international artists, curated to define the concept of the "Sublime Environment": the saturation of both the sonic and visual landscape, represented by works of immersive sound and visual art.

The month-long exhibition features numerous interdisciplinary artists including AV works by: Clinker, Robert Crouch, Mem1, mimosa|moize, T UM', Sublamp.

The installed AV exhibition will be complimented by an extended evening of sublime, immersive sonic environments, and absorbing, contemplative sound sculpture in the form of an audio screening featuring artists: Celer, Heribert Friedl, Katherine Bennett, Robin Parmar, Scant Intone, Stéphane Claude, Tomas Phillips | Craig Hilton and Tom White; and on the opening night, live performances by: mimosa|moize and David Kristian.

If you are interested in writing a piece (of no more than 1200 words) to contextualise the exhibition, please contact us with your "expression of interest". An information sheet will be sent to you ASAP.

Once you have the information sheet, please send us the following information before Noon, FRIDAY 30 DECEMBER 2011: an abstract of your idea (300 words max); your full name; your contact details; a relevant biography (no more than 2 pages); links to written work online or in print, especially if related to sound or AV (three pieces maximum please). N.B. Individuals will be selected from these submissions. Successful candidates will hear from us by EMAIL on TUESDAY 02 JANUARY 2012.

Successful candidates will have their essays and texts printed as leaflets. These will be made available along side the catalogue during the exhibition. Writers will receive printed copies of their work.

DEADLINE to express and interest: FRIDAY December 30 2011 | SUCCESSFUL candidates here from us: TUESDAY 02 January 2012 | DEADLINE for completed works: TUESDAY 31 January 2012.

NB. All works will be translated into French. If you are able to write in French or are happy to translate other texts for us, Please get in touch!

Open Call: AudioBook of Disquiet

I was already feeling uneasy. All at once, the silence stopped breathing.

The infinite day suddenly splintered like steel. I crouched like an animal on the table, my hands useless claws gripping the smooth table top. A cruel light had entered every corner and every soul, and a voice from a nearby mountain fell from on high, a shout ripping the silken walls of the abyss. My heart stopped. My throat pounded. The only thing my mind was aware of was an inkblot on a piece of paper.

Inspired by the richly descriptive and non-linear narrative of Fernando Pessoa's most extensive and protracted prose work The Book of Disquiet, Seth Guy and SoundFjord will - over the forthcoming months - collaborate to create a sonic art -enhanced audiobook.

A book acknowledged by critics as "the most beautiful diary of the (20th) Century", The Book of Disquiet reflects on the distance between the loftiness of the author's thoughts and the humdrum reality of his everyday life.

Seth Guy and SoundFjord invite those working in audio (of any genre) to contribute to this project. We are looking for perceptive contributions from participants that will respond to selected texts from the Book of Disquiet and provide an absorbing soundtrack to the narration. Contributions by participants to the project will be selected on artistic merit and their sensitivity and creative response to the material.

At this present time all you need do is contact us with an expression of interest. After the closing date a selected text will be sent out, one for each interested party to work on.

Send your name and contact details including email, phone number and address to:


Deadline for expression of interest is: SUNDAY 5 February 2012.

Sound//Space | A pop-up record store-cum-community hub | May-July 2012

SoundFjord are currently organising a 'pop-up' independent record store, at the Humongous V22 space (in South London), during their Summer Club from May-July 2012. The space will be a cosy hub for conversation across genre, a showcase for the most creative individuals and labels within the industry, and will also feature talks, sound/music workshops and performances related to the labels involved.

SOUND//SPACE, as a centre for sonic exploration, will be a place to: a.) buy independent and hand-made music and sound art; b.) look at album covers and works curated by labels; c.) meet like-minded individuals, artists/musicians and to discuss interests; d.) listen to samples from records, CDs and similar media; e.) experience unusual live music and sound art; f.) learn - via workshops and lectures; g.) join in - via talks with artists and folk in the business; h.) have fun, have a go!! e.g with instruments brought to the space e.g. theremin, synths. 

SoundFjord are eager to talk with individuals making hand-made releases, independent labels that want to promote/sell their releases, and/or curate performances during the summer. Contact us if you'd like to be involved (detailing how), or for more info!

helen [at] soundfjord [dot] org [dot] uk 

Deadline for expression of interest is: SUNDAY 01 April 2012.


Clair Urbahn + James Dunn | Radeq radio

A month residency of experimental sound and radio broadcasts.
Radeq is a radio project set up by James Dunn and Clair Urbahn combining their experience in and enthusiasm for sonic technology, digital composition, radio production/installation, interviewing and soundscape broadcasts. 

Following an invitation from us, Radeq has relocated - throughout August 2012 - for a month of radio experimentation, outside participation and audio fun, to the gallery, here at Tottenham. 

For further information and live streaming, please visit: (Currently streaming live sounds from the locale of the gallery [Tottenham, London, UK], mixed with the infamous gnawing of Tsukuyomi the hamster [when he's not sleeping].)

For this month-long residency the station would love to hear from anyone interested in broadcasting via Radeq:

Suggested responses:
-live in-studio performance, debate, workshop, talk
-field recordings
-experimental soundscapes
-spoken word
-radiophonic/sonic/performance art

Open Call:
Sequence Series: Turn Move Change
As the nights draw in and there's a definite nip to the air SoundFjord keep the summer momentum alive by introducing to their Educational Programme six quick-fire residencies (of one week) for practitioners working in/with sound (such as, but not limited to, sound art, radio, writing, etc.), starting 05 November 2012.
Dates for residencies: Residency One: 05-11 November; Residency Two: 12-18 November; Residency Three: 19-25 November; Residency Four: 26 Nov - 02 Dec; Residency Five: 03-09 December; Residency Six: 10-16 December.
Artists receive space for one week (Monday to Sunday) to utilise for research and experimentation purposes. No exhibition projects will be accepted. Basic sound equipment will be supplied. All other equipment must be supplied by the artist.
Guidelines: Please download our information sheet below before you send us your application. Send proposals on (equivalent of) one A4-page along with a two-page (max) CV, and contact details including address, email and telephone number here. Please also state any dates you are not free to participate on this residency. If you have a preferred week, do also let us know. N.B drawings, photography, film/video and sound pieces may be sent within the same email to a max size of 10MB.
Your submission must reach us by noon (BST) on 23 September 2012.
For further information click here for our information sheet.
[Information updated: 09 September 2012]
email us with your definitions and descriptions of what field recording is/n't, and what it possible could be in your own conceptual framework.


V i s i b l e   N e a r   M i d n i g h t   R e c o r d i n  g s
SoundFjord's Visible Near Midnight Recordings is looking to put out new works of sound art and genre bending works. The result, strictly limited edition, hand-made artefacts. Drop us a line if you'd like to be considered, or if you have a specific work you'd like us to listen to (original/unreleased pieces please): recordings[at]visiblenearmidnight[dot]co[dot]uk |
C o n t e m p o r a r y   S o n i c   A r t   A r c h i v e   ( C S A A )

SoundFjord is about to embark on its largest project to date, to collect and archive works of sonic art from the length and breadth of the country (UK) as well as sending out feelers abroad. We endeavour to collect and preserve for the great and the good a comprehensive archive of sonic art works and documentary evidence through photography, film, sound files, analogue and digital formats, writings, letters, emails and so forth. The archive will also serve as a document of the gallery’s past exhibitions
SoundFjord is constantly on the look out for new items to add to their collection. Should you have work you wish the gallery to consider please let SoundFjord know. We are happy to consider, photography, video, books, leaflets, letters, writings, tapes, CDs, DVDs, digital sound files and so forth.
The archive when suitably collected, stored, categorised and annotated will be available for viewing to artists, researchers and the interested general public at no cost. Unfortunately, items from the archive may not be removed; all items will be made available for reference purposes only. Please contact the curator should you wish to submit work to the archive: helen[at]soundfjord[dot]org[dot]uk N.B. Do not send items to the gallery before sending prior information
O p e n   C a l l   2 0 1 3  [currently on hold]

SoundFjord is looking for performers to take part in SoundFjord.Dynamic, the live initiative of the gallery's Exhibition and Events Programme. We are particularly interested in works of an experimental and research-based bias; those that inquire into language within sonic art practice; works researching acoustic ecology; and works exploring minimal sound

Please state your interest by emailing your contact details along with your performance CV to:
O p e n   C a l l   2 0 13  [currently on hold]

SoundFjord is currently seeking sonic artists and performers to exhibit at SoundFjord in 2013/14. Please contact the gallery for information and an application form regarding new works you would like us to consider: info[at]soundfjord[dot]org[dot]uk

We are particularly interested in works of an experimental and research-based bias; those that inquire into language within sonic art practice; works researching acoustic ecology; and works exploring minimal sound.
Call for Sound-Themed Postcards
Summer is here and many are getting ready to pack a knapsack and travel to sunnier climes.
Yet when one writes about a trip, how often do we speak about the soundscape -
the unusual languages, the market vendors cries, the cafes, musicians, the sound of the road, the sea, native animals? 
SoundFjord is looking to exhibit your sound-themed postcards in its studio window and online.
Why not send one from home or abroad!
Please send only physical items (not digital cards thank you)
The text on the card may be a poem, observation, fictional or experimental piece or other...
the only restrictions being that the text must fit on a single side of one postcard,
and must be concerned with or inspired by sound and/or audio culture.

Send your cards here.

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