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Fundraiser Album Release! MONDAY 17 October 2011


Official video for Sutures: www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuQuFYQWKVg  by www.czlowiek.tv

SoundFjord, Audio Gourmet's Harry Towell (Spheruleus) and Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq) have come together to curate an album created "by the people, for the people", to raise funds for those that has beenaffected by the recent unrest that ravaged cities across the country.

The album, a statement and monument to collaboration and community, brings together works selected from short unedited recordings gleaned from artists, musicians and the general public across the globe.

Spheruleus and Pleq sensitively weave together an eclectic selection of field recordings, samples, spoken word pieces and instrumentation, creating momentous emotional landscapes for the listener, delicate, tender moments and most of all, a yearning tumult of haunting quietude: a silent, swaying breath.

All profits raised by sales of this album go towards assisting thosethat have lost their homes and livelihoods and to provide opportunities for philanthropy, creative expression and collaboration within local community projects.


The Capital Community Foundation | Big Brother Big Sister | Catch 22

released 17 October 2011
Assembled and produced by Harry Towell (Spheruleus) and Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq)
Curated by SoundFjord, Harry Towell and Bartosz Dziadosz
Mastered by Byron Felt
Photography by Laurence Moxon Byrne
Design by A Company Of Enthusiasts

For further information, download our Press Release.

For more information on Audio Gourmet, visit:
For more information on Pleq, visit:

Present Calls/Events

There are no calls/events at present. Please call back regularly!

Past Calls/Events

Open Call: SoundFjord Seeks Alternative Scores

SoundFjord are seeking object-, video-, multi-media- or paper-based scores for a fundraiser to benefit those affected by the unrest which ravaged regions of the UK earlier in August.

We invite submissions from all backgrounds to create alternative forms of notation for musicians and sound artists to perform at a community benefit concert to take place at Apiary Studios, Tower Hamlets.

There are no limitations as to what you might create, but scores should be accessible to all i.e. works should be ‘readable’ to those with and without formal musical training; they should also be easily transportable. You may wish to leave instructions for ‘reading/deciphering’ the score(s) you create.

In addition, we encourage informal workshops to be organised for groups to collaborate on ideas and the creation of scores.

Works will be displayed and auctioned off after the performance(s) takes place. All profits will go towards assisting those that have lost their homes and livelihoods, while helping to provide opportunities for philanthropy, creative expression and collaboration within local community projects.

If you have any queries about creative possibilities, would like some inspiration, or require further clarification on what an alternative score is (*), please do not hesitate to contact SoundFjord at the email address detailed below.

DEADLINE: SUNDAY 25 September 2011

Send your original works by post, or alternatively deliver by hand, Wednesday to Saturday (please give us prior notice before making your visit). We will accept multi-media scores on CD and DVD, please make works suitable for playback on Mac.

SoundFjord | Unit 3b – Studio 28 | 28 Lawrence Road | London | N15 4ER | UK

+44 20 8800 3024 | +44 7973 153 366 (Wednesday to Saturday; noon-6pm)

info[at]soundfjord.org.uk | www.soundfjord.org

Please visit our website regularly for further information regarding participation and involvement with related fundraisers, workshops, performances and calls for artists and musicians.

*An ‘alternative score’ can be loosely defined as a non-standard arrangement for musicians, performers and so forth; an unorthodox instruction manual for creative endeavour if you will. This may be created out of objects, video, text, photography, and so forth.

* * *

Fundraiser for Those Affected by London & UK Riots

As part of a large-scale community project, and fundraiser and for those that has been affected by the recent disturbances in London and across the country, SoundFjord are working in collaboration with Audio Gourmet's Harry Towell with the assistance of Bartosz Dziadosz to produce an album created by the people for the people.

Once complete the album will be available as a download at the Audio Gourmet website. All monies will go towards assisting those that have lost their homes and livelihoods and to help provide opportunities for philanthropy, creative expression and collaboration within local community projects.

The project NEEDS your help!

We are gathering sounds and samples from artists and the general public all over the world. Audio Gourmet will then process/assemble them into an album.

We also need imagery for the album cover and images to illustrate each individual piece created. Do sent images by the same methods as below. We'll pick the best and use them to illustrate the album!

All artists will get a free digital copy of the eventual album when it is complete. The album may also be made into a CD/CDR version.

The Brief:
1.) Sounds can be field recordings, the spoken word, instrument sounds, drone parts, static/noise, etc. Works should not be finished pieces. N.B. The piece may be proceed by Audio Gourmet, based on aesthetic cohesion.
2.) Your submissions should be around A MINUTE or so.
3.) Please send AIFF/WAV files only via file transfer such as YouSentIt to info[at]soundfjord.org.uk
4.) Please also send details of your FULL NAME or TITLE as you'd wish to see them in print, along with your LOCATION, CONTACT DETAILS and WEBSITE.

DEADLINE is 05 SEPTEMBER 2011 - we're trying to get these in as quickly as possible so we can start fundraising ASAP!

N.B. We hope to work with most if not all material sent, however some sounds may not be suitable or simply may not physically fit on the compilation. In this instance will will try to use excerpts.

Watch this space for related community activities and fundraising activities!

* * *

The below fundraisers have now ended. Our appreciated thanks go our to everyone who assisted on both projects.

* * *

Click on the images below to find out how you can be part of these fascinating events - by raising money, skill sharing, equipment pooling, etc.

Or simply by turning up, listening and having fun!!!

Make it happen!


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