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Started: September 10, 2011
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Since its inauguration in July 2010, SoundFjord has promoted the sonic arts in intelligent, engaging and relevant ways.

Our vision is simple, to promote the work of sonic practitioners - in the arts and beyond - and to support education and research in related and complimentary topics. We act as a venue for exhibitions, talks and workshops, a platform for the presentation of live performance, a springboard for ideas, and a nurturing bed for fieldwork, experimentation and works-in-progress.

To date, SoundFjord has operated as a self-funded, not-for-profit organisation, autonomous in its working methodology and ideology. We wish to continue that way: independent, free thinking, engaging the interest and curiosity of many with our enquiring inclination, dynamism and integrity.

If you would like to be part of our family, help us support our cause with a small donation, your expertise or perhaps simply a little of your time!

Your donations allow SoundFjord to produce ambitious exhibitions and performances; your expertise allows our education and workshop programmes to reach the many, share knowledge, impart new skills and inspire - whilst expanding one's world view and opening up new opportunities; whilst volunteering your time allows us to share experiences, problem solve and distribute workloads evenly, thus allowing us time to research and extend our programmes.

100% of your donations go towards supporting our artistic and educational programmes, live events, research activities and the upkeep of our Contemporary Sonic Art Archive (CSAA)!

* * *

In the relatively short time since our inauguration, the organisation has:

1.) forged international connections between practitioners, organisations, researchers, writers and theorist, promoting communication, cross-pollination and collaboration.

2.) promoted the work of challenging and intelligent mid-career international practitioners and performers via its expanding artistic and live programmes, collaboration with hub venues, organisations (galleries, experimental labels, etc.) and visionaries, and the time and expertise invested by its staff (including the research in and around staff specialism that is also prioritised).

3.) curated the work of over 525 artists at external festivals and special events; organised monthly in-house screenings of sound and audio-centric film; curated and promoted live events at a variety of London venues; and presented 'show and tell' events via a monthly network and critique evening named SoundShare.  

4.) written for Art Licks magazine and Sound and Music ('Sound on Film' online); participated in lectures at Cafe Oto (The Wire Salons), South Hill Park (Sound:Site), Goldsmiths University of London (Phonography Colloquium); Oxford Brookes University (What Now?) and London College of Communication (Professional Practice); and taken part in interviews with Resonance FM, Gene Pool Radio, Sound Localities, The Examiner, ATTN magazine, ArtLyst, ArtSelector, PhD and MA students from Queen Mary (UoL), LCC and Birkbeck, and staff/students at the DTK (Det Tverrfaglige Kunstinstitutt). SoundFjord continues to find ways to approach sound and to disseminate notions around its practice and research through (inter)action, dialogue and debate.

5.) extended the time given over to research and education through the organisation of practical and inclusive workshops, research residencies/exhibitions for practitioners and theorists, and the inauguration of an artists-in-residency initiative.